Art Room Events specializes in unique social opportunities in Chicagoland area beyond the typical Wine & Painting nights, as well as private events and celebrations. Our experiences are great for those who are looking for a unique idea for a bachelorette party, birthday and engagement celebrations, corporate events, and team building activities. Among our signature experiences you can find Speakeasy Murder Mystery Cocktail game; Coffee Painting & Tasting; Bachelorette Party With Painting, Laughs, Champaign & A Nude Model; Pumpkin Carving & Beer Tasting, as well as various team building games. 


Inspiration to start Art Room Events came with our CEO combining the things she was passionate the most about - art, coffee, hospitality, and event management.  It was back in July of 2016 when she was the Managing Partner at the coffee shop and a speakeasy event space in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago - Wicker Park.

Coffee Painting & Coffee Tasting class was the first experience we introduced. Over the years she gained a lot of knowledge about coffee and has observed a high interest in community to learn more about coffee culture. Plus, we all know that everyone loves BYOB art classes! The goal was to bring those classes to another level - make them educational and unique in their format - a tasting experience.

In late 2016, in joined efforts with her co-founding partner they have produced Dil Pickle Club Speakeasy Murder Mystery cocktail party game and wrote its characters based on the personas inspired by the actual historical figures at the time the Dil Pickle Club was open in Chicago between 1917 and 1935.