Discover our signature collection of unique social opportunities beyond the typical Wine & Painting nights. Speakeasy Murder Mystery cocktail party, Coffee Painting & Tasting, Holidays Event series and much more.

Traditional office parties range from awkward and boring to ridiculously expensive. Here at Art Room Events we hope to change that. We create original social experiences that will impress your work family at reasonable prices.

Have a special occasion coming up and would like it to be a great one? We will help you to throw a perfect party for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, bridal shower, divorce or retirement party ...BEYOND your imagination.

"I'm somewhat shy but wanted to do something different on my Chicago vacation. But soon I forgot I was shy because everyone, including myself, dressed their part, got into character and mingled hoping to be the person to solve the murder. It was like a live action board game. I would definitely participate again! (Lisa, AirBnB).