Join Art Room Events for a night to remember, full of death, deceit and...craft cocktails! John Jones, the spirited founder of the Chicago Dil Pickle speakeasy has been murdered and you are invited to join his closest friends and family to put on “heirs” over cocktails, where the executor of his will shall review who inherits his millions.

The Dil Pickle Club was a site of cultural interchange, full of radicals, activists, artists, and even hobos. Characters of this murder mystery will take on a persona inspired by an actual historical figure at the time the Dil Pickle Club was open in Chicago.

Guests receive character descriptions and rules prior to the event, and are encouraged to dress (and act) the part for 3 hours. What will you do with your welcome gift of $1000? Each ticket includes 3 craft cocktails, and food will be available for purchase. You may walk away with prizes, a large inheritance, or not at all!