TonShay's Murder Mystery Masquerade Birthday Bash

Murder Mystery Masquerade Style? Absomaskolutely!

Last weekend Dil Pickle Club Speakeasy was hosted at the fabulous Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse for TonShay Murder Mystery Masquerade Birthday Bash. This was one of the most unique and mysterious events in the history of Art Room Events' Dil Pickle Club since all guests were wearing masks.

Guests could enter the club only by providing the secret password at the door and knowing their characters names that were provided to each guests prior to the game. Welcoming speech was given by Clarence Stuart, the lawyer at approximately 1:00 pm and followed by the two hours of interactive speakeasy murder mystery game, cocktails, blues music, and non-stop fun.

Each guest had some information, secrets, piece of evidence, and an opportunity to make money. Helen Benson and Detective Sterling were leading the murder investigation and were taking mug shots of the main suspects. At the end of the game all guests got a chance to review the evidence, suspect board, and to nominate the main suspect, as well as to vote for The Best Actor/Actress, and The Best Dressed among the guests.